Patient Kiosk

Patient Kiosk – Empower your Patients for Easy Check-In

Transformations in healthcare industry can make delivery of care more effective and efficient. With the integration and implementation of improved health care technologies can enhance the level of patient care. With the constant increase in the number of patients per health care facility, it has become critical to adopt the ultra-modern technical services to streamline the complete patient registration, admission, transfer, and discharge procedures. Thus, to deal with the vital concerns of the health care industry, the healthcare experts have come up with solution named Patient Kiosk.

What is Patient Kiosk?

Patient kiosk is tabloid and phone based software application that assists patients to do self check-in and also edit their basic demographic details, if required. Reducing the task of front-desk staff, it ensures more patient engagement in their health. The front desk staff in quick and secure check-in. The application is made dynamic enough to hold a variety of inputs, and to modify and save them. In addition, Patient Kiosk is customizable which offers the flexibility to turn it as per the requirements.

Why Patient Kiosk?

Patient kiosk can be helpful in variety of ways. It is beneficial for both the parties i.e. the health care facility and patients.

Benefits to the health care providers:

Easy input method – Patient Kiosk provides the facility to navigate it through touch screen, which ensures appropriate and swift data entry.

Security – Patient kiosk supports palm identification feature, which ensures the required security of the crucial and confidential data.

Quick View – The care providers can have quick view of the required patient information and summary within couple of tabs on the screen.

Smart Payment Gateway – The patient side can make the payment through credit or debit card as the swipe facility is available in the application.

No Language Barrier – The application is available in multiple language, which will be a helping hand for the non-English speakers.

Benefits to the health care facilities:

Portable integration – Patient Kiosk helps in completing the patient check-in procedure. In addition, you can even use it from multiple location, if installed.

Integration with EHR – Patient Kiosk can be securely integrated with EHR to maintain proper information flow.

Rush free environment – No more long queues at front desk and no more wait in the waiting room.

Centralized Access to All Kiosks – As the kiosks are integrated with EHR.So information entered through each Kiosk can be collated in a single EHR. Each can be viewed whenever required.

Easy Billing Procedure – Patient billing account information can be viewed through kiosk and hence, easy billing structure can be maintained.

Patient kiosks can be considered as the new step taken to streamline and simplify the patient registration procedure. However, there is a lot of room for its further advancement and simplification. As of now, it has cleared the primary obstacles, and can move in depth to clear the root problems existing in previous or existing versions.


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