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Top 10 Healthcare IT blogs to lead your medical practice towards the perfection and increased revenue!

First and foremost – Best Wishes for the Christmas & New Year from the whole team of iPatientCare. Now that we have entered 2019, let us scan through the blogs and articles that were most popular in 2018.

How to make Best use of Cardiology EHR?

For cardiologists it is important to utilize all-in-one solution – cardiology EHR. The cardiology EHR software should be integrated with revenue cycle management, which in turn strengthens medical billing, and care coordination. It is important to choose the right kind of software for your practice as the needs of every practice varies. The cardiology EHR is built with custom features, reports and templates, keeping your practice in mind.

How does EHR complement the Population Health Management System?

Population health main goal is to improve overall health of patients by preventing disease, and improve medication management. It also delivers measurable results and help providers in cost-effective way. It is vital to follow a well-developed population management program so as to get better outcomes in population with chronic disease.

How to control diseases through Chronic Care Management program?

Chronic diseases are having significant impact not only in adults but also in child development; as these chronic conditions cannot be prevented by vaccines etc. CCM helps patients to monitor their progress and coordinate with experts by identifying and solving problems encountered during their treatment. Chronic care management programs help to prevent determinants that cause poor health and contribute to developing chronic diseases.

Why Quality Improvement in Healthcare is Important?

Providing quality care in healthcare is vital. Both qualitative and quantitative healthcare help to improve services for the whole population and increase positive outcomes. Quality improvement in healthcare lessens the time that helps in getting concerned specialists and also reduces costs.

MACRA and EHR: Obstacles to providing prompt and better patient care?

Many believe that value-based care will not make any difference and they also overlook the benefits of MACRA and EHR. Both MACRA and quality payments go hand in hand. MACRA emphasis on data exchange and flexibility and proves to improve the interoperability of all practices. The MACRA and EHR are not hurdles in healthcare system, in fact tremendous progress is made and providers and patients have benefited equally.

How to Simplify Chronic Care Management?

When it comes to chronic disease, it is not possible to prevent the disease completely. Overall well-being is part of Chronic Care Management. This process gives people to increase control and it improves their health. It also reduces significant risk of death by developing strategies to meet the requirements. CCM focuses on self-management by simplifying chronic care regimens and organizes through a single patient portal. CCM is a winning situation for both, providers and patients.

Improve your Practice’s Efficiency by Enhancing your Medical Billing Software

It is feared that medical billing software are quite complex and costly. However, the providers should know that medical billing software that are integrated are vital and can contribute in various things such as patient record-keeping, improved efficiency in billing. It also helps the practice make the best decision by allowing to generate custom reports, making process less tedious. Even patients benefit with this as the communication regarding their insurance, co-pay and other billing procedures become much easier.

Why is Revenue Cycle Management important in Healthcare Industry?

Revenue Cycle Management have significant impact on the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations have to remain financially fit by making sure all the billing process and A/R follow up are complete and accurate. Often the problems start from the front-office staff. To avoid such hurdles, it is best to outsource the revenue cycle of the practice and focus on providing quality care to the patients while getting timely incentives.

Why Pediatricians are facing Medical Billing Issues?

In past years, the Pediatricians have faced many billing issues due to wrong codes, entering wrong details and lack of EHR interoperability. Once again it is best to outsource to a reputed medical billing company as professional billing service ensures transmitting claims electronically and achieve the highest reimbursement possible without wasting time. iPatientCare gives such comprehensive support and grants the practice an unparalleled visibility in billing operations.

Is your Revenue Cycle leading to Insanity?

It is best to maximize cash flow by enhancing your revenue cycle management. It is best to outsource revenue cycle management, as it will allow providers to spend more time with their patients. It is important to build right kind of revenue cycle program that will give real time visibility into the team’s performance. In other words, revenue cycle optimization will increase operations efficiency and ensure higher reimbursement.


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