5 Ways Healthcare Practices Can Attract New Patients and Retain Existing Ones

Shopping around for the best healthcare provider had become common practice among patients. They will do their research and compare your performance ratings to your competitors. Unfortunately, while many practices place emphasis on attracting new patients, they unconsciously neglect their existing ones. Although a patient may initially select your practice, this does not guarantee they will return for future appointments. Patient retention is crucial for any practice and it depends on patient treatment and satisfaction. To grow a successful practice, it is imperative to focus on both aspects: attracting new patients and retaining existing ones.

Learn about five ways that can help you attract new patients and keep them returning to your practice to receive care.

1. Invest in modern tools for patient engagement

Increase your practice’s visibility and accessibility with your patients. Today, patients are utilizing mobile health technologies and other rapidly evolving wireless technologies to communicate with their healthcare providers. As such, attracting new patients and retaining them starts with deploying the right tools at your practice. Mobile technology will help you keep your patients actively engaged in their own health, which will improve their overall experience of healthcare.

Here are a few Patient Engagement tools that may act as a catalyst to engage greater patient loyalty, causing patients to join and remain within your health system.

  • Patient portal software facilitates secure remote communication with your patients. This technology also enables your patients to access their health information whenever they need to, empowering them to take responsibility of their own health. With a user-friendly and personalized interface, patients can update health-related activities such as demographics, personal health records, lab results, refilling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and sending secure messages to their care team.
  • Mobile health applications,such as patient-centric mHealth tools, can help you contact your patients on their smartphones even when they are not logged in to their patient portal, resulting in increased patient engagement.

2. Increase practice safety

During challenging times like COVID-19, patients are increasingly likely to look for virtual healthcare options. Offering alternate care options that are safe and convenient for your patients has become vital.

  • Virtual health has become common practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients have come to expect it as a standard option they can utilize. If you can implement a sustainable Telehealth platform, it will give your practice a competitive advantage. Recent advances in Telemedicine are making remote consultations and diagnosis easier and more convenient for both patients and providers. It has minimized safety risks and improved health monitoring, timeliness, and communications within the healthcare system. Telemedicine can additionally include remote non-clinical services, such as training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education.

3. Seek feedback from your patients

If patients are dissatisfied with their visit, there’s a good chance they’ll shop around to find a new provider. Sending patient satisfaction surveys after every visit is a great way to gain valuable feedback. It helps your practice define the scope of improvement in your care delivery methods. Gathering and implementing patient feedback is a great strategy for improving patient retention.

4. Focus on quality of care improvement

Quality improvement within healthcare is a systematic approach to monitor, access, and improve the standards of quality. It directly effects your service delivery approach, level of patient satisfaction, efficiency, and outcomes. Improving quality and performance in your practice can enable you to provide reliable, cost-effective, and sustained healthcare outcomes for your patients.

5. Educate and inform your patients

Start engaging with your patients outside the walls of your practice by launching a robust engagement strategy. Build a strong online presence, where you can provide education and information on topics that are important to your patients. This will additionally showcase your expertise and demonstrate how much you value your patients in a competitive marketplace. A strong online presence is beneficial for both potential and returning patients.

Preserving your existing patient base is just as important as reaching new patients. Implement healthcare technology that emphasizes both.

iPatientCare is a full suite of innovative healthcare products and value-added services that help you improve the health of your patients by enhancing patient care through care management, coordination, analytics, and reducing the costs of care delivery.

5 Ways Healthcare Practices Can Attract New Patients and Retain Existing Ones


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