5 Ways Healthcare Technology is Helping to Curb the Spread of Coronaviru

5 Ways Healthcare Technology is Helping to Curb the Spread of Coronavirus

With millions of people staying in home quarantine for over the next few weeks – researchers, scientists, and innovators around the world are putting healthcare technology at work to pull the effect of a global health crisis. The science and technology communities have put their full weight behind finding solutions that help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus without affecting humans.

Physicians and clinicians worldwide are weighing the use of new healthcare technologies to monitor patients from their homes. Few already available healthcare tools are helping doctors to streamline and accelerate the diagnosis of coronavirus cases and put them under care delivery.

Modern healthcare tools and technology helps healthcare centers have access to the supplies they urgently need.

Here are some of the innovative healthcare technologies that are helping the world fight against coronavirus outbreak.

Video calls are keeping people together:

The global crisis of coronavirus outbreak demands social distance and contactless diagnosis and care delivery. Here, video calling has become an essential tool for not losing contact with a caretaker in a time where people are self-isolated within four walls of their houses. Video calls can be used for both, to organize a remote meeting for staff members and also to help patients to stay in touch with doctors.

A chatbot answers lots of questions

Chatbox is the best-utilized tool for providing information about the coronavirus outbreak and to provide answers to questions frequently asked about the sickness, current infection rates, symptoms, and precautions.

Doctors can utilize chatbox tool and integrate it with their websites, to help patients receive on-demand primary care, information, and diagnosis before they visit doctors or clinics for the same

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An application or a web page to free up hotlines

With the help of apps and web pages’ individuals who suspect they might have the virus can conduct a physical self-assessment based on their symptoms, and depending on the result, they will receive instructions and advice about steps to take for the treatment. With the use of the app, doctors and clinicians can reduce call congestion for the coronavirus hotline while providing the best possible healthcare instructions to be safe in the pandemic.

Using wearables to monitor Coronavirus Patients

Wearable healthcare technology can help curb coronavirus by enabling healthcare professionals to monitor vitals without contacting patients. Wearable devices can measure body temperature, monitor heart rate, look to oxygen level, and many others. The wearable sensors can equip the patient and send real-time information and sensor readings to health professionals. With the help of a wearable device, patients can have a track of their symptoms and relate it to their data collected. They can also ask their healthcare providers to get connected with their health data and diagnose them with accuracy.

Keeping hospitals afloat with telemedicine

Telemedicine is one of the alternatives in healthcare technology. Telemedicine is streamlining the diagnosis and treatment processes, making them faster and easier: patients merely need to open an application, describe their symptoms, and wait for a doctor to get back to them via virtual consultation. Telemedicine provides convenience and cost-effective medical care even within the time of crisis.

Healthcare technology is being used at its best to fight the global health crisis. Healthcare technology providers are also working hand in hand with doctors and clinicians to make things easy for patients as well as doctors. Healthcare tech tools help people to maintain social distance and remain at their homes, even for the best care they need.


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