Advanced Technology ensures better Patient Engagement

Change is the law of nature and, it reflects innovation leading to betterment. The same law is applicable for technology as the changes in it are always meant for the practical enhancement of the society. Smartphones are no doubt the best innovation of the recent decade as it has influenced large number of people, positively and has made several things easier for the common people. When it comes to healthcare industry, the smartphone has played a remarkable role in its technical establishment. The healthcare industry is now heading towards the biggest transformation ever with the arrival of wearable technology and advanced mHealth Apps plus gadgets.


When studied the requirements of the meaningful use stage-2, it has been found that its main focus is patient engagement. However, the challenges and the opportunities set by the Incentive Program is to earn bonus with the effective use of the ultra-modern techniques via advanced equipment. All a facility need to do is to educate the patient about the positive effects of using the smart technology, like wearable and mHealth Apps.

Wearable Technology

Gone are the days when one has to switch ‘on’ the system to access the internet. Now, you can use internet and other system based tools anywhere and everywhere. The wearable technology allows you to perform different activities, whenever and wherever you are available. The patient suffering from some constant disease always feels the pain to run around the facility to discuss the problem and to get the feedback. With wearable technology, patient does not need to move anywhere, he can set up the appointment online and can get connected to the physician through wearable devices. It saves time, money, and ensure comfort which is the prime requirement of the suffering individual.

mHealth Apps and Gadgets

Patients are required to measure their vitals and to transmit the same to the doctor on regular basis. Through mHealth Apps patients’ can perform the above mentioned activity from their home or at work place. They do not need to walk to the physician’s office every now and then. In addition, there are certain mHealth apps that reminds the patient to perform daily activities and also track the record of the overall improvement.

However, people may find these gadgets and apps quite costly but they are worth paying against the pain, and loss of time. Use of the smart technology in a planned and logical conduct can raise the graph bars of the patient engagement, and will definitely work in favor of both, practice and the patient.


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