How iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Software Helps You Stay Connected With Your Patients

Much like other industries, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly competitive every year. In today’s healthcare spectrum, healthcare providers need to maintain a good relationship with their patients. To establish the trust value of a patient’s well-being, it is very important to enhance your patient engagement activities efficiently. Where Patient Engagement Software, can effectively help you stay connected with your patients anywhere at any time. Being in a healthcare business you must remember, ‘higher the patient engagement, higher your patients feel empowered to make decisions in their care’.

You might be reading this blog because your office is actively looking for Patient Engagement Software, either for the first time or to replace your outdated patient portals. We know that there is a healthy competition out there, which makes it difficult for you to choose from. Don’t worry we are pretty much sure that your search would end here.

How iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Software Helps You Stay Connected With Your Patients

iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Solution is the best in class software that enhances your ability to provide attention to finer details and allows patients to have a direct relationship with their healthcare providers. It helps you get connected with your patients securely and empower them to take charge of their health.

Here are those extravagant tools that will push you to prioritize iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Software on your list.

iPatientCare Patient Portal Software 

Our patient portal software facilitates you with extremely secure communication with your patients. Our strategic technology empowers your patients with the information they need to manage their health proactively. With the user-friendly and personalized interface, patients can update their health-related activities such as updating demographics, reviewing personal health records (PHR), viewing lab results and reading education material, refilling prescriptions, getting an appointment and sending secure messages related to clinical questions.

Personalize Patient Portal

We know the importance of personalizing our assets, therefore we took one step ahead in the same direction. The patient portal is surely a gateway to your practice and hence, it must represent your practices branding and reflect your value systems. After all, you have invested in it and hence it has been designed to provide you complete control of how it should appear to your patients. Not only you but your patients can also select color themes of their choice, isn’t it fab?

iRemind – An Automated Reminder Solution

Communication leads to a stronger and closer relationship, right? Our iRemind solution follows the same. It facilitates sending automated reminders and messages to your patients as per their preferred communication mode, it may be a phone call, text message, email, or fax. You can set up the iRemind service to send close-loop appointment confirmation messages, lab results notification, pending health maintenance alerts, and even reminders for over-due statements. This solution allows your staff to utilize their time towards more productive work and you will see more satisfied and engaged patients.

Patient-Centric mHealth tools

Utilizing mHealth tool is simple and easy, your patients can download FREE mobile apps from the AppStore and start a secure communication with you. It helps them to remain actively involved in the management of their health. Our team has designed this tool in such a way that notifications are delivered to your patient’s smart-phones even when they are not logged in. That makes a difference and results in increased patient engagement. No doubt, our patient engagement technology acts as a catalyst between you and your patients.

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According to the type of sophistication we have seen in every other customer-based industry in the last few years, our providers’ patients have come to expect the same technology, seamless interaction, and effective communications on their fingertips. So as a healthcare provider, if you are entertaining the idea of bringing a Patient Engagement Solution to your practice or organization then, invest in such a solution that meets the necessity of today’s generation.

How iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Software Helps You Stay Connected With Your Patients

If you are also looking to get connected with your patients and ensure higher health outcomes and patient satisfaction, you must hit the link and avail a free demo of iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Software and decide the perfect fit for you and your patients.


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