Details of MIPS performance for Year 2018, which should not be avoided!

Many providers wait until the end of the year to know where their practices stand, when it comes to the Cost Performance category. It is important to monitor on the continuous basis so that you can modify and take action as and when required. Now that CMS has unveiled its new portal for MACRA, the providers are able to see their real-time scoring for all MIPS categories. Read more ›

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Improve your Practice’s Efficiency by Enhancing your Medical Billing Software

Some practices still prefer manual documentation over electronic, in order to protect data from being hacked or stolen. The practices have fear that the data can be accessed by unauthorized individuals. Another reason of why manual documentation is preferred is because of the assumption that the medical billing software are quite complex and costly for practices to handle.

With better-organized patient records, bookings, treatment processes, and improved efficiency in billing, the profitability of a practice is enhanced. With EHR technology becoming more popular, a lot of vendors have started integrating Practice Management System to expedite medical billing in their practices. Read more ›

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Which CPC+ Track is best for your Practice?

MACRA has made way for new framework of Quality Payment Program (QPP) for rewarding the health care providers for giving better care. Under QPP there are two pathways – Merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM). Comprehensive Primary Care Plus is one such Advanced APM. It offers greater rewards for taking some risk related to patient outcomes. Read more ›

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Make a thorough assessment before switching your Medical Billing Software

The practices are balancing between higher reimbursements and better patient care. As a result of billing not done in time or coding errors, there will be low revenue generated and the practice workflow will be impaired. Read more ›

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MACRA is a competition and it will get fiercer Each Year!

Confused which path to choose? Well, don’t be! iPatientCare will guide you from the top in better understanding of your scoring and which category you fall into. Below infographic will show you where you stand and how to gain most out of it. Read more ›

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Having any idea about Cost Performance Category for MIPS 2018?

iPatientCare is going to share knowledge on MIPS cost performance category for the year 2018, with all the providers. This session will help get a better understanding of what is preferred for your practice and how to gain best results. Read more ›

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Patient Engagement: An asset for the Revenue Cycle of your Practice

Many healthcare providers have spent years and millions implementing electronic health record systems. These providers are equipped to thrive within the emerging value-based care model that is complete through integration between their EHRs with billing system in a way that streamlines the collection process, starting at the point of care thereby making a direct impact on the revenue cycle of the organization. This integration increases operational efficiency and accuracy, thus reducing the chances of errors. Read more ›

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Finding Errors in time; Saves Money on Time!

While the billing accuracy has improved, American Medical Association found that one in ten bills paid by private health insurance have errors. Everyone in this industry wants to minimize the billing errors, but they still occur, and one doesn’t realize that it costs money to correct these errors. Read more ›

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How to Have a Successful Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

All the practices are looking for quick returns with complete avoidance of denials. The only way this is possible is by either out-sourcing to a reputed billing company or by having a perfect in-house biller. Read more ›

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Revenue Cycle Management: Have your cake and eat it too!

The title of the article may look unrealistic but you may find an answer towards the end. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) has been a problem area for many practices and most of them leave the money on the table without even realizing that they have a problem. An assessment of your practice operations would help you reengineer your operations and align it with your strategic and tactical needs. By understanding the common issues in RCM, followed by a systematic approach to identify your own needs, you will be able to define the right kind of RCM strategy for your practice. Read more ›

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