MACRA and EHR: Obstacles to providing prompt and better patient care?

It seems, like ever-changing rules and regulations in the healthcare industry regarding quality-reporting programs like MACRA can be mind-blogging. Also trying to fill information in the EHR can sometimes be stressful if the physician is not completely familiar with the software. Most of the physicians are thinking that value-based reimbursement is a good thing for healthcare since then they are only spending money on the care that provides value. But many physicians disagree and suggest that this value-based reimbursement will not make any difference. Read more ›

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Why Pediatricians are facing Medical Billing Issues?

MACRA is the biggest thing that has hit healthcare payment system. The healthcare reimbursements are migrating from volume to value-based, MACRA will most likely serve as the roadmap for other payers. Documenting and reporting every treatment through a certified EHR or other approved method is the only way physicians can get paid for the services. The law directs all the pediatricians to choose one of the two reimbursement paths – advanced alternative payment models (APMs) or the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Most physicians opt for MIPS, which measures quality, advancing care information and clinical practice improvements. Read more ›

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Is your Revenue Cycle leading to Insanity?

Optimizing your revenue cycle means looking for opportunities across your entire practice. Have you been doing the same thing every year and still haven’t achieved the results in enhancing net revenue, maximizing cash flow or reducing operating costs?

Nowadays, revenue cycle management programs are not flexible enough to account for the ever-changing healthcare environment and personnel changes. ROI’s are consistently lower than the expectation and any benefit achieved is often short-term in nature and is not sustainable. Can make your revenue cycle more accurate and efficient, verify insurance, reduce missed appointments, ensure precise coding, and limit denials, with help of technology. Read more ›

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Is having a top rated EHR important for a doctor’s office?

Before EHRs, access to medical charts required labor work. Every time a patient visited the office or hospital, their file was pulled out physically from a storage space, transported, delivered, stamped, and sorted all in one visit. As a result of this back and forth, there was a greater chance of human error and charts would sometimes have missing information or be out of order. It was unusual for five out of 15 charts for a clinic day to be unavailable at any given time, this resulted in a waste of time, space, and frequent defects to care. Paper records are more vulnerable to break in, losing it by the staff member or by a natural disaster such as fire or flood. Read more ›

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Why is Revenue Cycle Management important in Healthcare Industry?

The responsibilities of Revenue Cycle Management can become overwhelming and conflict with other office duties for some healthcare centers.  Managing the revenue cycle includes compliance in ensuring complete and accurate billing processes and A/R follow up procedures are being followed.  In order to achieve compliance healthcare providers must employ software technology and a centralized billing/coding system. Incorporating revenue cycle management processes as part of an overall business strategy often results in improved reimbursement, accurate billing compliance, and great clinical outcomes. Healthcare clinics will be able to operate more efficiently, and in turn provide greater medical services to those who need it the most, when they outsource or partner with a reliable billing company. Read more ›

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Would you like to get more updates on quality payment program final year 2?

iPatientCare is going to shed light on a Quality Payment Incentive Program for physicians and other eligible clinicians. Get a quick overview about this program and get the better understanding of what is best for your practice and achieve better results. Read more ›

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Things to Look for in your RCM Vendor

Outsourcing your practice’s Revenue Cycle Management can maintain sustainability while simultaneously gaining more time to focus on your patients. This is done by the team of dedicated billing experts who proactively predict denials, provide assurance that your billing and collections will have the consistency needed for managing the expenses and operations of your practice. Read more ›

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Maximizing your Revenue while improving Claims Denials Management

The health care billing offices tend to wait until they receive rejections and denials, before resolving claim issues. This is an insufficient process, as it delays the payment cycle reducing the probability of payment. Managing the healthcare billing system is crucial as the providers should give billing staff access to claims management data and establish claims management policies. There is a need to set up policies and procedures to ensure that the team is carefully checking reimbursement requests before sending it to payors. Some path must be followed to track the claim denial rate and set increasingly challenging goals to improve the performance over time. Read more ›

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Our Top 10 Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2017

Before crossing over into 2018, we’re going to take one more look back at the year that was—and the blog content that you liked the most.

All of us at iPatientCare, Inc. wish you a happy New Year, and we hope you enjoy these posts that were most clicked, read and shared by our readers in 2017. Read more ›

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Without any pitfall, select the right kind of EHR for your Practice

First and foremost it is very important to know the needs of your practice and prioritize them. There is no need to create manual workarounds and then transferring it to the system afterward. This is more time consuming and takes away the whole point of having an EHR! Read more ›

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